Guam Quarter

The Guam quarter will be the 3rd release of the DC and US Territories Quarter Program.

The design features most prominently, an outline of the island of Guam. Two symbols associated with the island are also pictured. At left is a sailing vessel known as the Flying Proa for its great speed. At right is a Latte, a stone pillar used in ancient houses. The reverse was designed by David Westwood and sculpted by Jim Licaretz.

The inscriptions read Guam, Guhan Tn I Man Chamorro, (translated: Guam- Land of the Chamorro), E Pluribus Unum, and the date. The second inscription refers to Chamorro, one of the official languages of Guam which holds an important place in Guams identity as a link to their ancestors. Its usage is seeing a renaissance in Guam an dthe Mariana Islands.

Another proposed design included a depiction of the Flying Proa sailing within the East Hagta Bay. A coconut tree appeared to the right and Two Lovers Point is in the background.

The residents of Guam made their design selection based on a popular vote.

Mintages for the Guam Quarter are to be determined.